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RE: NEJM (fwd)

I have received this communication from NEJM about my recent posting. They
apparently sent out a letter 9/21 with their new policy.  This policy
permits limited use of a single ID and password.

This is an improvement, but I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to meet the
requirement to limit the ID and password to a few individuals.  The
message states explicitly that it is not intended for campus-wide access.
I sent a reply asking if they have any institutional plan that would
provide for campus-wide access.

Jim Morgan

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Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 17:56:18 -0400
From: ewelch@nejm.org
To: morganj@iupui.edu
Subject: RE: NEJM

Mr. Morgan - have you received our latest (9/21) letter?  Here is a copy.
Just want to be sure you are completely informed.  Should you have any
questions feel free to call me at 781-434-7040 or email me directly.  Thank

Special Notice to NEJM Institutional Subscription Administrators:

We have listened to your feedback regarding our new 5-IP workstation access,
and now understand that many institutions' networks cannot support
workstation-specific IP addressing.

For that reason, we are offering the following alternative to 5-IP
workstation access:

For a limited time only, each NEJM institutional print subscription may keep
its current administrative username and password, but must choose a new
password intended for authorized users. The new password for authorized

- Cannot be openly posted on the Web

- Cannot be systematically or broadly emailed or distributed

We believe this to be a reasonable step designed to help prevent the
widespread posting and use of passwords by those outside authorized-user
communities. It also is intended to limit institutional use to occasional,
specific users and not to enable campus-wide access.

You may now choose either the 5-IP workstation model or the
authorized-username/password model. Please proceed to the URL listed below
and follow the steps outlined.


Please note: you will need your current administrative username and password
to establish your identity on the site and then complete either process.

Your deadline for making this change is October 15, 2001.

In the next few months, we may modify this approach further, and we will
notify you well in advance should that occur.

We thank you for your patience. Please direct any comments to Kent Anderson,
NEJM Publishing Director: kanderson@nejm.org


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Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2001 4:50 PM
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Subject: Re: NEJM

We just posted an announcement that NEJM was discontinuing institutional
access.  The "five-station" limit is totally useless in a library of any
size, and only represents an attempt by NEJM to confuse the issue.

Jim Morgan