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Re: Journal of Immunology is basing its 2002 subscription price

I find even more interesting the appearance that the license excludes
interlibrary lending from the print versions.  Section 2.1 reads:

"2.1. The Publisher hereby grants to the Licensee a non-exclusive and
non-transferable right to give Authorized Users access to the Licensed
Materials via a Secure Network (and via print editions of The Journal of
Immunology published by Publisher during the calendar year(s) of the term
of this Agreement) for the purposes of research, teaching and private
study, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Any use of
the Licensed Materials not specifically authorized in this Agreement is

If I read this correctly, the intent is to restrict access to print as
well as electronic access to Authorized Users.  The agreement makes no
reference to interlibrary loan, which is thus apparently excluded from
authorized use.  If this is not the intent, there's no reason to discuss
provision of the print version to Authorized Users (as they would have
unrestricted access to print along with everyone else).

Carl A. Anderson
Coordinator of Technical Services 
MCP Hahnemann University Libraries


On Tue, 11 Sep 2001 morganj@iupui.edu wrote:

> FTE can be a problem for us.  It depends a lot on whether they accept the
> Medical Library area - the School of Medicine here would have about 5,000
> FTE, or if they want us to pay for the rest of the campus - over 15,000
> FTE, or the whole University, perhaps 80,000 FTE.  But I agree that the
> prices seem moderate.
> Jim Morgan
> Ruth Lilly Medical Library
> Indiana University School of Medicine
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> On Tue, 11 Sep 2001, David Goodman wrote:
> > based on FTEs
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> > What is also a little different about this one is that the new rates are
> > close to the prior rate of $477. So rather than being a many-fold increase
> > like some previous contracts, it is (for us) "only"  an increase of 24%;
> > for others it is between 15 and 68%.  This is a high increase for no
> > additional material or service, but we've all seen worse.
> > 
> > Charging for a print journal by fte--was this ever tried in the past-- I
> > don't remember seeing it either.
> > 
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