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Re: Journal of Immunology is basing its 2002 subscription price

based on FTEs
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What is also a little different about this one is that the new rates are
close to the prior rate of $477. So rather than being a many-fold increase
like some previous contracts, it is (for us) "only"  an increase of 24%;
for others it is between 15 and 68%.  This is a high increase for no
additional material or service, but we've all seen worse.

Charging for a print journal by fte--was this ever tried in the past-- I
don't remember seeing it either.

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"Abbott, Bruce" wrote:

> The Journal of Immunology has announced that for 2002 the print and
> electronic subscriptions are bundled and that the price is based on the
> FTEs of an institution.
> This is the first time that I have seen it required that to get the print
> version of a journal it is necessary to (in effect) do a site license for
> the electronic based on FTEs.
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> For immediate release
> 07 September 2001
> Contact: Ann Link
> The Journal of Immunology
> 9650 Rockville Pike
> Bethesda, MD 20901
> 301 571 1858 (US phone)
> alink@ji.faseb.org
> The Journal of Immunology introduces a new subscription program for 2002
> The Journal of Immunology (The JI), official publication of the American
> Association of Immunologists, is pleased to introduce a new subscription
> program for 2002.  The new site license is based on institutional size and
> allows proxy server delivery of content. Rates will vary depending on the
> number of individuals affiliated with the institution (students, staff and
> faculty comprised Full-Time Equivalents, or FTEs).
> In 2002, institutional site licensees may deliver The JI to faculty,
> staff, and students covered by the site license. The JI may be delivered
> via individual IP addresses--or via proxy server, which was not previously
> available. Each site license includes a print subscription to The JI along
> with access to institutional usage statistics.
> Because of the changes in policy, all existing licensing agreements must
> be renewed in 2002. Please visit
> http://www.jimmunol.org/subscriptions/terms_inst.shtml for the new terms
> and conditions. Continuing online users must print and sign a copy of the
> license and return it to the address listed above. Failure to return a
> signed license agreement may result in loss of access.  First-time
> registrants need only click the "I agree" button.
> Since its inception, The JI has been a cost-effective journal with the
> least expensive per page cost of major leading scientific research
> journals. Our new subscription program continues this tradition while
> introducing a pricing structure that more accurately reflects journal
> usage. Single site rates for 2002 follow.
> $550 for US Institutions with fewer than 1,000 FTEs.
> $575 for US Institutions with FTEs between 1,000 and 2,999.
> $625 for US Institutions with FTEs between 3,000 and 11,999.
> $700 for US Institutions with FTEs between 12,000 and 25,000.
> $800 for US Institutions with FTEs exceeding 25,000.
> Institutions outside the US must add $160 for surface delivery and an
> additional $305 for expedited delivery of the print edition.
> Additionally, academic institutions or corporations with more than one
> site also will have the opportunity to purchase multi-site licenses to
> provide access to a greater number of users. Please contact The JI office
> for multi-site pricing.
> This news release is being sent to subscription agents and The JI's
> institutional subscribers. Details of this new program, along with the
> downloadable Site License Agreement, can be found on The JI's Web site
> (http://www.jimmunol.org/subscriptions/terms_inst.shtml). Information also
> will be included on the 2002 rate sheet being mailed to The JI's
> subscription agents and institutions. Institutions that use agents, should
> contact them for more information or to subscribe.
> About The JI
> Established in 1916, The JI is the most cited immunology peer-reviewed
> journal in the world according to the latest Institute for Scientific
> Information (ISI) 2000 report. The JI is published 24 times a year, and
> prints nearly 14,000 text pages annually. The JI publishes novel results
> in all areas of experimental immunology. Major criteria for acceptance are
> scientific quality, originality, and conciseness.
> About The JI Online
> The JI Online contains the full content of each issue of The JI. Full text
> is searchable by keyword, and cited references include hyperlinks to
> PubMed and to full text of many other online journals. Online full-text
> content begins with the January 1998 issue, and back issues are provided
> free of charge 12 months after publication, on a rolling basis. Each issue
> is placed online approximately on the date it is mailed to subscribers.
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