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Newsletter Excerpts: IDEALWorld, 2001 - Issue 3

Of possible interest to liblicense-l readers.

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Subject: Newsletter Excerpts: IDEALWorld, 2001 - Issue 3

Following appear excerpts from IDEALWorld, 2001: Issue 3, now online at 

1.  Reed Elsevier completes acquisition, and new larger Elsevier Science 
offers balanced portfolio

On July 11, Reed Elsevier (RE) announced the successful completion of its
tender offer for Harcourt General, Inc.  Harcourt's education business,
together with RE's existing businesses, establishes RE as one of the
global leaders in schools education. The STM businesses will be
incorporated into Elsevier Science (<http://www.elsevier.com/>).

To accommodate incorporation of Harcourt's health sciences and science
products and imprints into Elsevier Science's mostly scientific range, the
organization of the new larger Elsevier Science reflects and supports the
strengths of all products offered. The result is a new structure with two
divisions: Science & Technology, and Health Sciences.

The Science & Technology Division is bringing together Elsevier Science's
large selection of printed and electronic journals in this area and the
ScienceDirect electronic platform, plus the Academic Press imprint as well
as the electronic platform IDEAL.

The addition of the well-known imprints W. B. Saunders, Mosby, and
Churchill Livingstone, as well as the online information source for
doctors, MD Consult, is greatly enhancing Elsevier Science brands that
include Excerpta Medica and The Lancet.  Together, these products and
imprints - among others - are forming the new Health Sciences Division.
Incorporation of products and services will proceed in a strategically
designed manner, and IDEAL customers should expect business as usual for
the near future.

2.  CNSLP Signs Historic Canada-wide IDEAL License

The Canadian National Site Licensing Project recently signed a
pan-Canadian license for IDEAL (<http://www.idealibrary.com>). This
historic agreement - the first nationwide license delivering IDEAL to
academic end-users in North America - grants researchers and students in
64 universities across Canada access to all Academic Press journals on
IDEAL. CNSLP Executive Director Deb deBruijn commented, "The CNSLP is
delighted to announce the inclusion of IDEAL in our first major licensing
round. We're also licensing journals from six other publishers: the Royal
Society of Chemistry, the American Mathematical Society, and the American
Chemical Society, as well as the Institute of Physics, ISI Web of Science,
and Springer Verlag."

3.  ICG Award Goes to Mazurin, Glass Pioneer and SciVision Expert
Professor Oleg Mazurin, director of content development for SciVision and
chief editor and author of the SciGlass product family, has received the
President's Award conferred by the International Commission on Glass. Dr.
Mazurin's outstanding lifetime contributions to the international glass
community earned him the award, presented July 2, at the XIX International
Congress on Glass in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Born in Russia, Dr. Mazurin has achieved renown as a professor, researcher
and author.  His fields of study include glass transition phenomena and
properties of glasses.  Notable among his writings is Handbook of Glass
Data, comprising five volumes and published between 1982 and 1994 by
Elsevier Science.

Dr. Mazurin has worked with SciVision since 1994. For more information on
SciGlass and other SciVision products, please visit
<http://www.scivision.com> # # #

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