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Developing Nations Initiatives - EBSCO

This is related to yesterday's Blackwells announcement.  Ann Okerson

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Subject: FW: Developing Nations Initiatives

I wanted pass along a press release from EBSCO - on the same topic - that
might be of interest to the listserv....



Sub-Saharan Africa Gains Access to Thousands of Full Text Journals
~ EBSCO Publishing Pleased to be Part of this Extraordinary Initiative ~

IPSWICH, Mass. - September 7, 2001 - The International Network for the
Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) has completed the first
phase of the Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI).
This important initiative is designed to provide wider access to and
dissemination of scientific and scholarly information and knowledge to and
from developing and transitional countries.  By offering four of the
world's largest scholarly full text databases, additional general and
subject-specific full text databases, as well as popular bibliographic
databases, EBSCO Publishing is playing a large role in ensuring that the
goals of INASP and their partners are met.

The first phase of this programme will benefit researchers and
appropriately affiliated professionals in several countries including
Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, and will also include
a wider range of countries in Africa, Asia and Central America by the end
of 2001.  All researchers, academics, scholars, affiliated professionals
and librarians in these countries will gain access to thousands of full
text, scholarly journals via the EBSCOhost databases - Academic Search
Premier, Business Source Premier, Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition
and Health Source: Consumer Edition, among others.  These databases offer
24-hour online access to many of the most prestigious journals in nearly
all subjects of scholarly research, and will also be available to the
partners via CD ROM (or DVD ROM).

Paul Donovan, EBSCO's Director of Sales for Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa,
said, "We're excited to be part of such an innovative programme.  The
countries involved initially are among those that work with INASP in its
partnerships with universities, research institutes, and development
support programmes such as ENRECA (Danida) and Sida: SAREC, and will
benefit greatly."  Donovan continued, "We are proud to add value (through
our databases) to this inspiring initiative, and look forward to our part
in seeing the goals of INASP to fruition." 

Visit the INASP Web Site at: http://www.inasp.org.uk/

EBSCO Publishing and EBSCO Subscription Services form the EBSCO
Information Services group. EBSCO provides integrated information
resources and management solutions worldwide through print and electronic
journal subscription services, reference database development and
production, online multi-database access, and e-commerce book procurement.
EBSCO upholds relationships with 49,000 publishers and maintains a
database of more than 260,000 title listings. For more information, visit
the EBSCO Web site at http://www.ebsco.com