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Proceedings of the IFLA Preconference on Library Consortia

NELINET is pleased to announce that the presentations from the IFLA Preconference on Library Consortia are now available at:
All keynote presentations are now available, as are the presentations by most of the panelists. The few remaining notes (primarily from some of the discussion group leaders) will be added as soon as they become available. Please keep checking the site for additional presentations as no further announcements will be made.
The IFLA Preconference on Library Consortia was held on August 16-17, 2001 at the Boston Public Library. The Preconference was coordinated by NELINET, Inc., a network of New England libraries, and was co-sponsored by both NELINET and the International Coalition of Library Consortia. The Preconference was attended by over 150 people who came from twenty- five nations. About 60% of the attendees were full-time employees of library consortia or were practititioners in libraries, and 40% were from the publisher/vendor community.
For further information, please contact Arnold Hirshon <ahirshon@nelinet.net>