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Re: Wiley 2002 Access Policy

Alfred Kraemer wrote (Fri, 17 Aug 2001 10:37:53 -0500):

> After a first reading of the email from Wiley I feel the access policy
> raises many questions and concerns about the costs/benefits of licenses to
> journals with very limiting access options.

I think they made the Basic Access as unattractive as possible because the
real aim is to get Enhanced Access License (EAL) Customers. The existence
of "free" Basic Access was a hindrance in that respect.
> The announced Wiley access policy presents two different electronic access
> options - with differences that are somewhat obscure:
> 1. Basic Access License (BAL) available for an additional 5% over the
> 'base journal fee'. The base journal fee seems to be the price of a print
> subscription.
> Although it is not stated in the 'list of benefits' it appears to me that
> the BAL does not include access to the full electronic archive - that is
> listed as one of the 'benefits' of the Enhanced Access License (EAL).
> Therefore, what does the BAL include concerning electronic archive access
> and number of simultaneous users?

1 simultaneous user/journal (as before); full archival access to back
issues only for existing BAL customers (i.e. present ones that decide to
continue their BAL and pay the premium in 2002, or those that sign up
before 31 Dec). Wiley remains silent about their policy afterwards.

> In addition, I find it unacceptable that a major journal publisher does
> not offer usage data with a separately priced electronic license. (Usage
> stats are one of the 'benefits' of the EAL). If further clarification from
> the publisher about the differences between BAL and EAL, confirm a
> significant extra cost for e-access to Wiley journals we have to be able
> to make choices on usage data.

I concur.

> 2. By the way, no pricing information is listed with the EAL.

New Pricing Model eliminate sites as factor in pricing formula,
effective with all new negotiations

� Content fee = 100% of current holdings value (based on US subscription
  prices).  As a rule, holdings are determined based on the customers'
  collection in the year prior to the first year of the license.
� e-access fee = 5% of content fee
� Total EAL fee = 105% of current holdings value
� Minimum fee:  the minimum total EAL fee a customer can pay is $5,000
� Print is unbundled from electronic subscriptions. EAL customers can
  purchase print subscriptions at a cost of 10% of subscription list price
  (90% discount) 

It looks like you will pay 115% of current holdings value if you retain
all your print subscriptions. No chance to pay less than 105% even if you
cancel all your print subscriptions. Gets interesting only in a consortial
setting when there is considerable cross access.

It is unclear to me how existing duplicate subscriptions will be handled
(will they be excluded from the content fee and be calculated with 10% of
the subscription list price? This could possibly reduce the total amount
to pay if there is still a considerable level of duplicated. But I doubt
it ... Have no actual offer yet.)

> On a somewhat 'sour' note: Many of you will remember the Wiley price
> increase in the first year when Wiley included a limited e-access option
> with the print subscription. Some subscription prices increased by about
> 20% within one year!

Yes, that's true, and now they try to charge again for what we already
paid since 1999. See my other mail.

> Please share your information/assessment of the new Wiley access policy.
> Thank you.
> Alfred Kraemer
> Phone: 414-456-4273
> E-Mail: akraemer@mcw.edu

Best regards,

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