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FW: Are libraries the next napster?

The Time article by Katherine Bonamici, "Are Libraries the Next Napster?",
completely ignores the technology and standards developed and implemented
by netLibrary, Inc., whose innovations have been recognized by the
National Information Standards Organization (see press release, below)

Bethesda, Md., USA ? (July 26, 2001) NISO, the National Information
Standards Organization, is pleased to welcome a new member, netLibrary, to
its voting roster.  The addition of this organization complements and
extends NISO's ability to develop standards for the changing Internet

netLibrary (www.netLibrary.com) is a leading provider of eBooks and
Internet-based content management services. Hundreds of publishers of
academic, professional, reference, and scholarly books have adopted
netLibrary's digital rights management infrastructure.  The organization
develops, archives, hosts, and securely distributes eBooks and print-ready
files through a variety of channels, including academic, corporate,
public, and school libraries.  netLibrary eBooks are full-text searchable
and available for use on personal computers in online and offline formats.  
In the developing eBook environment, netLibrary's expertise will be an
invaluable asset to NISO and the community that NISO serves.