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You terrorist, you!

Library "radicals" targeted in latest copyright battles
By Lisa Bowman

"They've got their radical factions, like the Ruby Ridge or Waco types,"  
who want to share all content for free, said Judith Platt, a spokeswoman
for the Association of American Publishers.

Besides Platt, We are not the enemy," said Miriam M. Nisbet, legislative
counsel for the American Library Association's (ALA's) office of
government relations.

"The mission of libraries is to ensure access," she said. "The nature of
copyright is to restrict access. There's a real tension there

Even file-swapping service Napster is weighing in on the issue. Company
CEO Hank Barry--who has lined up a diverse cast of supporters including
singers, hackers and even doctors--is portraying librarians as allies in
his fight to promote free file trading.

If I buy a book, take care of it, and nobody rips it off, I'll still have
it 500 years from now," said Jim Neal, dean of libraries at Johns Hopkins
University. "But if I buy an electronic book and don't keep paying for it,
it's gone.