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Springer Press Release

Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 11:06:00 -0400
From: David Grubbs <DGRUBBS@springer-ny.com>
To: ann.okerson@yale.edu
Subject: Press Release

Dear Ms. Okerson,

Attached is a Press Release which I think will be of interest to the
readers of the Liblicense List-Serve.  Please post it, if you deem it

Best regards,
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Springer-Verlag joins with international library community in creating
electronic information archive for mathematics

Berlin/Heidelberg/New York, July 23, 2001. Today Springer-Verlag
(Heidelberg/New York) announced the Electronic Mathematics Archiving
Network Initiative (EMANI) in cooperation with Tsinghua University Library
(China), Goettingen State and University Library (Germany), and Cornell
University Library (USA) to insure the preservation and dissemination of
mathematical information for future generations.

Mathematics publishers, government agencies, and the mathematics community
have long recognized the need for a stable, internationally accessible,
electronic archive for valuable mathematical content. Springer-Verlag and
three internationally prominent institutions have taken on the
responsibility of developing this framework. It is likely that other
libraries and publishers will join this initiative in the near future. In
particular, it is expected that a major French partner will announce its
participation imminently.

Sarah E. Thomas, University Librarian, Cornell University, notes that
"preservation of published knowledge is part of a library's core mission
and digital preservation is especially challenging. The opportunity to
collaborate with Springer and other partners in defining a model that will
serve scholars today and in the future by offering long-term access to
publications in mathematics is an important one in which we are pleased to

Professor Dr. Bernd Wegner, who was instrumental in developing this
initiative added, "The solution for creating a true archive for
mathematical information can only be achieved by combining the talents of
centers of excellence around the world - we have that cooperation. The aim
of EMANI is to unite libraries and publishers to preserve the intellectual
history of mathematics and provide this to mathematicians and
professionals applying mathematics now and in the future."

Springer-Verlag, a company in the publishing group BertelsmannSpringer, is
a market leader in the publication of scientific, medical, and
professional information. Springer-Verlag's recent cooperation with the
World Health Organization (WHO) and other major publishers in the
electronic distribution of medical and biomedical information to
developing countries cements its commitment to fostering science and
supporting the international scientific and medical community.

For more information:
Professor Dr. Bernd Wegner				
Mathematics Archiving Network		 	
c/o  Technical University Berlin 			
Strasse des 17. Juni 135				
10623 Berlin, Germany				

Ruediger Gebauer
Springer-Verlag New York, INC.
175 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY  10010