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IFLA in Boston - Discussants Sought

Liblicense readers:  Once again it's time to ask for volunteers.  This is
in regard to the IFLA Discussion Group on Licensing, which will be meeting
in Boston on Sunday, August 19th, from 11:30 - 13:20.

We have a part of the two-hour segment lined up, but there has been a
recent development (in the form of the WHO announcement regarding free or
cheap biomedical journal information being made available to less-devoped
nations) that we would like also to explore.  A discussion about what we
hope will become a trend (see also the programs of HighWire Press and the
recent Soros press release) seems particularly timely at this time.

Accordingly, if you would like to join in this discussion, please attend.

AND if you would like to participate more actively by volunteering to
discuss your view as a participant in one of these programs, please let me
know now!  You can be either one of the publishers, a member of the WHO
staff, or a library that has just signed up for free access thorugh one of
these programs.  Your segment that describes experiences or issues with
the programs should take, perhaps, 5-7 minutes.  We hope to have several
of these and then open up to the entire group.

If you wish to make a very brief presentation, please write expressing
your interest to me, ann.okerson@yale.edu

Many thanks, Ann Okerson
Yale University Library