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RE: Tempestuous Arguments

A reply to Mr. Sampson from Mr. Krumenaker...   Ann Okerson

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Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 14:46:56 -0400
From: Larry Krumenaker <larrykga@mindspring.com>
To: Ann Okerson <ann.okerson@yale.edu>
Subject: RE: Tempestuous Arguments 

There are two possible answers to this question.  1)  I believe Mr.
Sampson's analysis occured with a title list that was 2-3 months after
mine and we all know that online inventories are in continual flux.  He
could have a list with more embargoed titles now....because they've added
more at EBSCO since the files I received. I would have to ask for a new
listing from my sources of the files to check out this speculation.  Or,
2)  is it *possible* that there were embargoed titles in EBSCOhost's
non-full text listings(?) which were eliminated by my removal of non-full
text.  I don't have access to EBSCOhost directly so I can't verify this
particular speculation on the spot.  If so, it doesn't change my analysis
figures since I'm only concerned with full text.