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Elsevier Science and WHO Agreement

Dear List Readers, 
The following press release of the World Health Organisation
[http://www.who.int/inf-pr-2001/en/pr2001-32.html ] might be of interest
to the readers of this list.  Elsevier Science is proud to be part of this
initiative and has been working with WHO since last year to help build
this initiative to improve access to health information in the developing
Working with WHO, Elsevier Science will offer full electronic access to
close to 400 of its biomedical journals for free via the Internet.  Staff
at Elsevier Science, as well as our editors all over the world, are
excited about this opportunity to use the full potential of electronic
publishing to provide access to biomedical and health information for
researchers and practitioners in the developing world.
John Tagler
Vice President, Marketing
Electronic Publishing
Elsevier Science
New York
t: 212 633-3780