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"perpetual license"

Has anyone heard of the phrase "perpetual license?"

A purchasing agent at my company has asked me to include the following in
a license with a vendor:

For the period set forth on the order form (the "Term") [a 12 month term
September 2001 to September 2002], <Vendor Name> grants to <Customer> for
the Term, a non-exclusive, worldwide, non-transferrable, perpetual license
to use the Data and the Software ...

When I asked her to further define "perpetual license,"  she sent me this

-as per our attorney, "as opposed to having a finite term (eg 10 or 15
yrs), a perpetual license has an infinite term into perpetuity."

This is preferred as we have the right to use (as long as we pay per the
terms of the agreement) without a limit on the license.  I don't know all
the details but the term of the agreement is different from the term or
life of the license.

Has anyone heard of this before?  Possibly it is used more with software
licensing than with information resources.

Deborah Lenares

Electronic Content Specialist
Information and Library Services
Air Products and Chemicals
7201 Hamilton Boulevard
Allentown, PA 18195