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Hello Lisa,

CNSLP is working with the following publishers:

Academic Press
American Chemical Society
American Mathematical Society
Institute of Physics Publishing
Royal Society of Chemistry

Updating of the CNSLP website is unfortunately lagging behind the other
work of this Canadian initiative - that should be rectified over the summer
and early fall.

Best regards,
Deb deBruijn

At 16:14 07/05/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm hoping someone can help me out and provide a list of the "seven major
>scholarly publishers" that CNSLP (Canadian National Site Licensing
>Project)  is working with to provide site licenses to Canadian
>Universities.  I know Academic Press is one, but what are the others?  I
>was not able to find this information on CNSLP's website.  Does anyone
>have this information?
>Thanks for your help.