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Re: News Release: IDEAL Charter Brings Digital Information to Sen=

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This is an excellent arrangement, if Academic Press is making the material
available at locally affordable prices. I think many of us would like to
have some idea of the approximate range of the price scale that is

For example, if they are charging 50% of the usual price, it's not much of
a benefit; if they are charging $500/yr, then it is a very generous and
noble gesture, though not quite as noble and generous as if they were to
make it available there without charge at all.

> Of possible interest.
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> Subject: News Release:  IDEAL Charter Brings Digital Information to Seneg=
> Please freely distribute the following. Apologies for any cross-posting.
> San Diego, June 28, 2001 - The Universit=E9 Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar in =
> West African nation of Senegal has signed the first licensing agreement
> delivered through the IDEAL Charter for Low-Income Countries, Harcourt's
> philanthropic initiative making electronic journals affordable to very po=
> nations.
> Through this license, universities, research centers, and teaching
> hospitals across Senegal may access the over 300 journals in science,
> technology and medicine on IDEAL - at <http://www.idealibrary.com>.
> Along with the Universit=E9 Cheikh Anta Diop, Universit=E9 Gaston Berger =
> Saint-Louis in Senegal is initially participating in the first charter
> license. As connectivity becomes more widespread in Senegal, a nation of
> about 10 million, more institutions will take advantage of this licensing
> agreement.
> The IDEAL Charter offers nationwide licenses, meaning that once a license
> is purchased in a country, any technologically ready and eligible
> institution there may access IDEAL journals without paying any additional
> licensing fee. Further details about the charter initiative appear at
> <http://www.academicpress.com/www/ideal/charter.htm>.
> The Universit=E9 Cheikh Anta Diop is funding Senegal's IDEAL charter lice=
> out of the acquisitions budget of the university's library, directed by D=
> Henri Sene.
> Dr. Sene commented: "We are glad and very proud to be the first nation to
> subscribe to IDEAL through the Charter for Low-Income Countries. And we
> look forward to additional Senegalese institutes coming aboard this
> license, and so benefiting from the research advantages provided by IDEAL=
> Scientific associations currently endorsing the IDEAL Charter include
> IASTMP (International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical
> Publishers), INASP (International Network for the Availability of
> Scientific Publications), and TWAS (Third World Academy of Sciences).
> TWAS Executive Director Mohamed H.A. Hassan said: "Your efforts to close
> the digital divide through making online journals affordable for low-inco=
> countries certainly form a worthy goal, one which carries important
> implications for science and technology across the South."
> Researchers in poor nations are voicing support for publisher-led
> initiatives such as the charter.
> According to Dr. Bruce Dahlman, with Moi University in Eldoret, Kenya: "T=
> need for current, accessible medical information has never been greater i=
> certain African countries. At Moi University's Faculty of Health Sciences=
> we are developing a family-practice education program in rural areas. Thi=
> requires ongoing access to authoritative medical information.
> "Thus, we enthusiastically welcome Harcourt's generosity in creating the
> IDEAL Charter. Resources like IDEAL could tremendously strengthen our
> ability to gain funding for teaching centres and health clinics. And
> greater electronic access to scientific findings could indeed transform h=
> we teach and practice medicine in nations facing the most dire need."
> The charter initiative continues Harcourt's tradition of innovation. In
> 1995, Academic Press - a Harcourt company - helped revolutionize the
> publishing industry by launching IDEAL, an Internet-based resource librar=
> for STM researchers.
> Academic Press is also a founding member of CrossRef - a collaborative
> linking effort which allows researchers to move with unprecedented freedo=
> and speed through most online literature across a wide range of fields.
> Today, 71 publishers are participating in CrossRef, and IDEAL journals
> contain a large number of CrossRef links - immediately taking researchers
> from reference citations to cited articles throughout the Web.
> The online library of the Harcourt Worldwide STM Group, IDEAL is licensed
> in 33 countries by approximately 2,200 academic institutions and industri=
> and pharmaceutical companies and is accessible to over 10 million
> authorized users.
> IDEAL contains 143 journals from Harcourt Health Sciences and 177 from
> Academic Press, and offers IDEALReferenceWorks encyclopedias and access t=
> SciVision's informatics products.
> Academic Press is a Harcourt Science and Technology Company and part of
> Harcourt's Worldwide Scientific, Technical and Medical Group. Academic
> Press is an international multiple-media publisher of high-quality
> journals, book serials, major reference works, databases, textbooks and
> monographs.
> Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Harcourt, Inc., Harcourt General
> (NYSE: H) is a leading global multiple-media publisher, providing
> educational, training and assessment products and services to classroom,
> corporate, professional, research, medical and consumer markets.
> IDEAL is a registered trademark of Harcourt, Inc. More information about
> IDEAL and the charter initiative is available at
> <http://www.idealibrary.com>.
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> Academic Press
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