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Rob Richards' article

Several of you have accidentally written to liblicense-l asking for
Rob Richards' licensing article.  Please direct your requests to
him, and NOT to liblicense-l.  His contact points are given in his
message, reproduced below.  Many thanks, Ann Okerson


>I'd like to apologize in advance for the outdated information contained in
>the following article:
>Rob Richards, Licensing Agreements: Contracts, the Eclipse of Copyright,
>and the Promise of Cooperation, 26 The Acquisitions Librarian 89 (2001).
>Also published in Publishing and the Law: Current Legal Issues 89 (A.
>Bruce Strauch ed., 2001).
>The article was originally written in 1999.  Due to a mishap (on my part,
>not the editor's), revisions to this article were not included in the
>published version.  If anyone would like to see an updated version that
>covers UCITA and other more recent developments, I'll be happy to send you
>a copy.
>I should also thank several members of this list who generously provided
>assistance during the writing: Ann Okerson, Sally Morris, Terry Cullen,
>Tony Arthur, Rebecca Eisenberg, and Matthew Kavanagh.
>Rob Richards
>                    		Rob Richards 
>         Technical Services Librarian, University of Colorado Law Library 
>                        Federal Depository Library 0074-C
>		     402 UCB, Fleming Law Building, Rm 190
>			   2405 Kittredge Loop Drive
>			    Boulder, CO 80309-0402
>                  Telephone: (303) 492-2706, Fax: (303) 492-2707
>                       E-mail: rrichard@stripe.Colorado.EDU
>                   URL: http://www.Colorado.EDU/Law/lawlib/rr.htm
>Any opinions expressed above are mine, and not necessarily those of 
>my employer.