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Out of date article: revised version available


I'd like to apologize in advance for the outdated information contained in
the following article:

Rob Richards, Licensing Agreements: Contracts, the Eclipse of Copyright,
and the Promise of Cooperation, 26 The Acquisitions Librarian 89 (2001). 
Also published in Publishing and the Law: Current Legal Issues 89 (A.
Bruce Strauch ed., 2001).

The article was originally written in 1999.  Due to a mishap (on my part,
not the editor's), revisions to this article were not included in the
published version.  If anyone would like to see an updated version that
covers UCITA and other more recent developments, I'll be happy to send you
a copy. 

I should also thank several members of this list who generously provided
assistance during the writing: Ann Okerson, Sally Morris, Terry Cullen,
Tony Arthur, Rebecca Eisenberg, and Matthew Kavanagh.


Rob Richards

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