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Re: Message from Pat Schroeder re: Librarians

I would like to know what Ms. Schroeder considers an equitable solution to
protecting an author's copyright and a publisher's livelihood?  Would it
actually be for authors to hold their own copyright and for publishers to
actually value content with a cap on profit?

Mike Somers


> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> We're a bit surprised at the uproar produced by last week's Washington
> Post story in which I talked about the book publishing industry's
> continuing copyright disputes with the library community.  This is, after
> all, not exactly breaking news.  While publishers and librarians agree and
> work together on any number of issues, including literacy and freedom of
> expression, we have traditionally disagreed over the boundaries of "fair
> use."  Anyone who has been following recent legislative and regulatory
> developments knows that these disagreements have become more complex as a
> result of new laws that support publishers' use of technology to protect
> copyrighted works against online piracy.  Publishers and libraries do not
> see eye-to-eye on a number of issues, particularly key provisions of the
> 2-year-old Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
> However, as both communities advocate their views before Congress and the
> Copyright Office, we continue to talk with one another in the hope that we
> will be able to reach some workable compromises in the future, as we have
> in the past.  We understand the many problems that libraries face.  New
> solutions and business models are being developed that can provide
> answers.  But until they''re ready, we must do everything we can to
> protect the copyrights of the authors and publishers whose livelihoods
> depend on those rights.
> Sincerely,
> Pat Schroeder
> AAP President & CEO