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Nature contacts

I have been asked who are the best contacts if librarians or faculty would
like to comment about Nature policies or prices.

None of the policy-making people are in the NY offices. To the best of my
understanding, the most appropriate people are:

Ms. Della Sar
Director of Global Marketing

Ms. Annette Thomas
Managing Director

Mr. Philip Campbell

They are all located in the UK, at:
Porters South
4 Crinan Street
London N1 9XW

Telephone: +44(0)20 7833 4000
Fax        +44(0)20 7833 4596 or 4597

Although I believe the Nature staff reads some mailing lists, they
undoubtedly do not follow all subject-oriented lists, so people posting to
such lists on appropriate topics might want to include some or all of the
above addresses as well.  Those who are members of such lists might like
to post the above contact information there as well.

David Goodman
Biology Librarian
and Co-chair, Electronic Journals Task force
Princeton University Library
Princeton, NJ 08544-0001
phone: 609-258-3235
fax: 609-258-2627
e-mail: dgoodman@princeton.edu