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Taylor & Francis Group plc acquires Gordon and Breach Publishing Group

Chuck Hamaker sends this message, of possible interest to readers of

Ann Okerson

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Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 10:32:09 -0500
From: "Hamaker, Chuck" <cahamake@email.uncc.edu>

Taylor & Francis Group plc acquires Gordon and Breach Publishing Group

Taylor & Francis Group plc are pleased to announce the acquisition of all
of the publishing activities of the Gordon and Breach Publishing Group
(including Harwood Academic but excluding art book and magazine

Gordon and Breach publish over 250 journals and approximately 100 books
each year.

Taylor & Francis, academic journal and book publishers for more than 200
years, will apply their experience to the Gordon and Breach journal
publishing programme to ensure that the excellent academic content is made
available to the academic community in a more predictable and manageable

Historically, Gordon and Breach have employed a system which has enabled
them to publish academic research papers as they are received, but the
variable flow of papers in any given year has lead to a lack of
uncertainty of cost for the subscriber.  In addition, volume start dates
have not necessarily been linked to calendar years.

It is Taylor & Francis' intention to review the entire publishing
programme in order to:

	*	Establish the number of pages, issues and volumes in a given
	*	Publish volumes on a calendar year basis
	*	Establish a fixed annual subscription price so that there is
		no need for supplementary billing
	*	Consider the current and future pricing strategy
	*	Establish online availability of all possible titles 

These proposed changes are designed to alleviate any of the problems that
the library community, in particular, may have experienced, and to enhance
the overall quality of service to subscribers.  It is hoped to implement
these strategies as early as possible beginning in 2002.

For further information contact:
Keith Courtney, 
Sales Director, Taylor & Francis Ltd
Telephone +44 (0) 20 7842 2073
Facsimile +44 (0) 20 7842 2261
e-mail keith.courtney@tandf.co.uk <mailto:keith.courtney@tandf.co.uk>

Date  14th February 2001