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Re: electronic of microfilm for ILL?

Almost all publishers do now permit ILL use, at least by sending paper
copies.  However, the variety of the restrictions has made it difficult
for ILL departments to keep track, and they therefore often refuse such
requests automatically without checking the license.  A convenient summary
of publishers' customary provisions would be an immense help to all of us
(recognizing that some individual contracts may be different.).

David Goodman, Princeton University Biology Library				
dgoodman@princeton.edu            609-258-3235


On Thu, 4 Jan 2001, Resnick, Rachel wrote:

> We're under a big space crunch here, plus our staff would like electronic
> access to our subscriptions.  I'd like to switch every subscription over
> to electronic format, but I have heard that most publishers will not allow
> a library to use the electronic format for interlibrary loan--Is that the
> general understanding among you folks, or are there particular publishers
> that give you carte blanche regardless of format?
> Accordingly, in order to comply with electronic licenses and to deal with
> our space limitations, if we are unable to use electronic subscriptions
> for ILL, I was thinking of subscribing to both electronic and microfilm.  
> Can I purchase a microfilm version, skipping the print altogether, or do
> most publishers insist that you purchase print and replace it with
> microfilm?  I don't want to have to buy the same journal in three
> formats--we don't have that kind of money. Is it ok to use microfilm for
> ILL if I haven't bought the print version?
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