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Re: Shrinkwrap Madness

The obvious question being begged is why the external print doesn't say
what David Mirchin just said so clearly, and in fact says what is not
true.  --pg

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David Mirchin wrote:
> Kent,
> I would add that UCITA provides a clear, and reasonable, solution to your
> examples:
> These are presumably mass market licenses and would not be enforceable as
> structured.  When the licensee is able to review the entire license (on the
> CD-ROM), the licensee can decide that he/she doesn't agree with the terms. 
> If so, the licensee has the right to return the product, and to get a
> refund for the cost of the product and the cost of return postage.
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> Kent Mulliner wrote:
>> As I have always appreciated Catch 22, I find particular joy in the
>> licenses for 2 CD-ROMs we received today accompahying books, and share
>> then in the interest of holiday entertainment.
>> With a book, Econometric Foundations (Cambridge University Press):
>> "Recipient's unsealing of the envelope enclosing the media and contents
>> or use of the media or contents subjects Recipient to all terms and
>> conditions of use as described in this document and also all terms and
>> conditions of the GAUSS Light (TM) License displayed in the media." and
>> From a book, Dictionary of Minor Planet Names (Springer), at the top
>> above CD-ROM envelope "Return or Exchange only possible when packaging
>> unopened." and below the envelope, "The use of this software is bound
>> by the terms outlined in the licence agreement. The full text of this
>> agreement can be found on the CD-ROM."
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