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Shrinkwrap Madness

         As I have always appreciated Catch 22, I find particular joy in
the licenses for 2 CD-ROMs we received today accompahying books, and share
then in the interest of holiday entertainment.

With a book, Econometric Foundations (Cambridge University Press):
"Recipient's unsealing of the envelope enclosing the media and contents or
use of the media or contents subjects Recipient to all terms and
conditions of use as described in this document and also all terms and
conditions of the GAUSS Light (TM) License displayed in the media." and

>From a book, Dictionary of Minor Planet Names (Springer), at the top above
CD-ROM envelope"Return or Exchange only possible when packaging unopened."
and below the envelope, "The use of this software is bound by the terms
outlined in the licence agreement. The full text of this agreement can be
found on the CD-ROM."

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