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E-commerce and the future of journal subscriptions

Just to let everyone know that the ASA is holding a conference on
E-Commerce and the Future of Journal Subscriptions on the 26 and 27 of
February 2001. The conference programme is outlined below and full details
and booking form are now available on the ASA Website
www.subscription-agents.org/conferences.html. Apologies for cross

Session 1. E-commerce - what does it mean? Chair: Rollo Turner, ASA The
future of the subscriptions industry in an electronic world Paul Harwood,
Director, SwetsBlackwell How e-commerce works, a rough guide for the
serials industry John Sharman, Macrovision Keeping it legal Nigel Wildish,
Partner, Field Fisher Waterhouse

Session 2. Electronic article delivery Chair: Ian Middleton, Director
EBSCO UK The changing role of the British Library in an e-world Andrew
Braid, British Library The relationship between journal subscriptions and
document delivery - the new ICSTI study David Brown, The ingenta Institute
The new market for article delivery Jan Peterson, Infotrieve A new
approach to electronic journal management Colin Harrison, Managing
Director, Everetts

Session 3. New systems and services Chair Chris Beckett, Sales Director,
Catchword Preprint servers, databases and the changing form of publishing
Professor Les Grivell, Manger E-BioSci, EMBO CrossRef - how is it working?
Chris Gibson, Managing Director, Academic Press Ltd. SFX Jenny Walker,
Ex-Libris New intermediary services for libraries and publishers Ian
Middleton, Director EBSCO UK

4. Virtual purchasing Chair: Rollo Turner, Secretary General, ASA
Intermediary services in e-commerce Charles Germain, Director, Rowecom A
Publishers view of e-commerce systems Ian Bannerman, Journal Sales
Director, Blackwell Science Improving access, controlling costs in the
automated library Gill Dwyer, Deputy Head Librarian, and Jonathan Eaton,
Electronic Resources Manager, London Business School

On the same day there is a separate seminar which immediately follows the

The Japanese Market
Tuesday 27 February 2001 at 2.00 pm at the Royal Overseas League

Japanese Consortia Development and Government Initiatives
Jiro Iwasaki, Kinokuniya)

Electronic Publications, Pre-print Servers and Electronic Document Delivery
in Japan
Shinji Hirako, Maruzen

The Corporate and Academic Market in Japan
Takashi Yamakawa, Managing Director, USACO

Happy Christmas and New Year to all