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RE: Including eReserve provisions in licensing contracts

There are now commercial e-reserve packages which some academic libraries
are using to manage their e-reserves. My library is examining the
possibilities of these at the moment.  Apparently, some of these packages
do not provide for links to URLs in externally-hosted services but are
structured only to display e- documents from within the e-reserve

Where this situation prevails then articles from e-journals or aggregator
services would have to be reproduced within the e- reserve domain and this
immediately runs up against those licence provisions which forbid
unauthorised reproduction.  In such a case it seems to me that we still
need the provision in licences allowing for e-reserves, or alternatively
we should exercise a great deal of caution about which e-reserve packages
we buy.

Christine Maher

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Subject:        	RE: Including eReserve provisions in licensing contracts
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I very much agree with Rick's statement.  The clauses in the license
describing authorized users should cover registered students in an official
class.  Moving on to define normal reserves activity within the license
seems unnecessary and perhaps conflict producing if  your institution has
already taken the appropriate measures to prevent access by unauthorized
At 12:52 PM 11/21/00 -0500, you wrote:
>It seems to me that linking to online articles to which the campus
>community has access anyway shouldn't require any special license
>language.  As long as users are authenticated, it shouldn't matter whether
>they gain access from a page titled "Electronic Journals" or from one
>titled "Course Reserve."  Really, you're not talking about "reserves" in
>the traditional sense at all, just a thematically-organized page of links.  
>Coincidentally, just today I've had two separate conversations on this
>topic with my colleagues here, and would be very interested in hearing
>others' views.
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