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Re: Including eReserve provisions in licensing contracts

>>If your library provides instructional support via electronic reserve,
when negotiating the license for a particular database, do you also
negotiate some amount of linking (up to, and including, unlimited) from
eReserve to the licensed database/s?

The Network of Alabama Academic Libraries (a consortium of 23 academic
institutions) always asks that database licenses allow its members to use
database content for student coursepacks not sold at a profit (some faculty
still distribute printed course packs) and electronic reserves.  We request
this in the license even if it is not technically feasible at that moment
-- we expect that most vendors will eventually offer durable urls.

>>How easy, or gnarly, is that part of the negotiations?

For the most part, vendors have already had this in their license or added
it at our request.

>>Which providers have been the most cooperative?

None of the vendors with whom NAAL has a license has been uncooperative.
Over the past few years we have concentrated on "core" curriculum products.
We are just beginning to work with the STM vendors -- so I don't have any
experience to report in the STM market.

For a list of the NAAl licenses, see:

choose Digital Library Resources

>>Have you ever had to negotiate ereserve links as a separate


Sue O. Medina
Network of Alabama Academic Libraries
P. O. Box 302000
Montgomery, AL  36130-2000