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Sage Publications Offer to NESLI

Jane Makoff of Sage Publications sends the following message:

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Press Release  For immediate release: 8th November 2000

Sage Publications announces half price subscription deal to UK

Sage Publications has reached an agreement with the Managing Agent of
NESLI (the National Electronic Site Licence Initiative) to offer UK
university libraries the chance to add additional Sage Publications
journals to their collection at half the usual subscription price.

NESLI members can take out a half price subscription to a 2001 volume of
any of over 200 Sage Publications journals to which they do not currently
subscribe. They will also receive free access to available back volumes of
the subscribed journals for as long as the subscription is maintained.1

Stephen Barr, Managing Director of Sage Publications said:  "We are
delighted to have reached an agreement with NESLI. Sage Publications is
committed to increasing the dissemination of our journals and we believe
that this unique offer will give libraries the chance to offer their users
access to an extensive range of Sage's journals."

Notes for Editors:

1 The offer is for volumes published in 2001 only and includes permanent
access for 2001 volumes, as well as access to available back files for the
duration of the subscription. Journals in Volumes 1 and 2 in 2001 are
excluded from the offer.

* Sage Publications, one of the world's leading international journal
publishers, is a privately-owned company dedicated to the global
dissemination of information. Currently celebrating our 35th anniversary,
we publish over 230 journals across a wide range of disciplines and
professions from our London, California and New Delhi offices. We will be
adding a further 32 journals to our publishing programme over the next two

* The NESLI Managing Agent: A consortium of SwetsBlackwell and Manchester
Computing at the University of Manchester (MIMAS) has been appointed by
JISC (the UK Joint Information Systems Committee) as the Managing Agent
for NESLI. The Managing Agent undertakes negotiations with publishers,
coordinates delivery of the electronic material, handles subscriptions and
oversees the day-to-day operation of the programme to ensure that it
provides value for money through cost effective operation.

* Licensing arrangements under this offer are covered by the NESLI Model
Licence which has been adopted by Sage Publications for this agreement.
Further information about the NESLI initiative can be found at their home
page: www.nesli.ac.uk

* Access to Sage Publication's journals will be provided through
NESLI/Swetsnet Navigator. Further details about Sage's electronic journals
and about the NESLI offer are available on our website:

For further information contact: Jane Makoff, Head of Journals Marketing,
Sage Publications, 6 Bonhill Street, London EC2A 4PU, UK 
Tel: +020 7374 0645 Fax: +020 7374 8741 
Email: jane.makoff@sagepub.co.uk Website: www.sagepub.co.uk

Jane Makoff
Head of Journals Marketing
Sage Publications
6 Bonhill Street
Tel: +44 (0)20 7374 0645
Fax: +44 (0)20 7374 8741
Website: www.sagepub.co.uk
Email: jane.makoff@sagepub.co.uk