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Re: library web site disclaimer

I have a link to the following message from my electronic journals and
research databases pages.  Your question reminded me to add the note about
commercial use.


Most of the resources listed on the Electronic Journals and Research
Databases pages are subject to a variety of restrictions relating to access
and use. They are almost all restricted for use on campus or from computers
with PPP connections to the campus network. (For information on how to set
up a PPP connection, click HERE.) In addition, some require passwords
before access is provided. These restrictions serve to limit usage to Stony
Brook faculty, students, and staff, as required by license agreements with
the resource publishers and/or vendors. The main exception to this
restriction permits in-library access for non-Stony Brook affiliated

Most of the publishers/vendors impose restrictions on how the information
in their resources can be used. For example, downloading excessive portions
of their databases is usually prohibited. Also common is a restriction on
the electronic redistribution of information. Posting material downloaded
from these resources to a listserv would, for example, be considered by
most publishers/vendors to contravene the license agreements that allow us
to access them. Some of the database providers (e.g.,  Lexis-Nexis) also
prohibit using their products for commercial purposes.

Publisher/vendor websites usually include more detailed information about
these restrictions. If you have any concerns about your intended use of
these resources, please check these sites or contact the Digital Resources

Nathan Baum, Digital Resources Librarian, Melville Library, SUNY Stony
Stony Brook, New York 11794-3331
Voice: 631.632.9959 Fax: 631.632.7116 E-mail: nathan.baum@sunysb.edu

Please respond to liblicense-l@lists.yale.edu

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Subject:  library web site disclaimer

We would like to remind users of our library databases that licenses
prohibit use for commercial purposes.  Does anyone have this type of
disclaimer posted on their library website?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Pat Nelson
Denison Memorial Library
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Denver, CO