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RE: 26000 DeCSS (DVD code. etc.) DMCA

If the encryption was simple enough a single person could break it what
protection-er-prophylaxis did it offer anyway?

I believe the code let DVDs be played on a LINUX machine. 


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>From what I've been able to determine, the judge's ruling in this case had
less to do with copyright protection than with prophylaxis.  Here's how he
was quoted by Reuters:

"In an era in which the transmission of computer viruses ... can disable
systems upon which the nation depends and in which other computer code
also is capable of inflicting harm, society must be able to regulate the
use and dissemination of code in appropriate circumstance."

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> There may be more current info, on this. But since it hasn't been
> mentioned here...
> Technology/business/first amendment/and the future of copyright???
> Jon Johanssen wrote software that let him watch DVD movies on his
> computer. The code was posted at a hacker magazine, 2600 (editor, Emmanuel
> Goldstein) was sued..and a NY judge in August ruled in favor of the
> companies that sued...8 media companies, TimeWarner, (MPAA of course..)
> For the editor's comments on the case, and a comments on DMCA, See:
> http://www.2600.com/news/2000/0821.html
> Chuck Hamaker