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Fall Seminars

Seminars on Digital Licensing and Fair Use will take place on the
following dates:

October 20 Seattle
November 1 Portland
November 10 Los Angeles (Santa Monica)
November 15 San Francisco

Contents of Digital Licensing Seminar:

Participants will be led through a clause-by-clause analysis of a typical
licensing agreement. Special attention will be given to:

- what uses of works can be made through a licensing agreement
- who are "authorized users" under licensing agreements
- sublicenses
- moral rights
- the value of digital rights
- duration of a licensing agreement
- who owns what
- revocation of rights in certain circumstances
- warranties and indemnities
- tips on negotiating licensing agreements

Contents of Fair Use Seminar:

Participants will be led through the complicated multi-leveled fair use
principle. Special attention will be given to:

- what does fair use mean under U.S. copyright law
- does it exist in other countries
- how have court cases interpreted fair use
- how does one apply fair use to their own situations
- does fair use apply to digital media

Each seminar is $150. The seminars are presented by Copyrightlaws.com and
will be taught by Frederic Silber, a Seattle-based intellectual property
lawyer. For more information, go to seminars@copyrightlaws.com. To
register, go to www.acteva.com/go/copyright.

Who should attend these seminars? Anyone involved in the creation,
ownership or use of copyright materials, including publishers,
photographers, writers, Web professionals, and those in museums, archives,
libraries, educational institutions and governments are encouraged to

If you are interested in attending this seminar in other cities, email:

Thank you,
Jerremie Clyde
MLIS Student

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