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Re: E-journal pricing question

I think the model and pricing depend on the goals the publisher has with
unbundling.  Example questions to consider:

1.  Does the publisher want the electronic version to circulate more
widely than print?  A lower price than the print version may be justified,
with new content going up at the same time as the print version.

2.  Does the publisher want to preserve print subscriptions?  Then the
electronic version should probably have a lag in its update.

3.  Will the publisher be able to use other features of an unbundled
online distribution?  i.e. sell advertising, offer affiliate products,
offer quicker copyright clearance for multiple printed copies, understand
better what articles are being read (track user statistics), etc.  How
much effort the publisher wants to put into the development of the online
version would impact price and model.

4.  Individual or site license?  Rights just to read, or rights to print and
distribute to a class, place on an intranet, etc.

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Subject: E-journal pricing question

> I'd appreciate some feedback on the following....especially from anyone
> who has undergone a similar process.
> An academic institution publishes a print journal. They include online
> access to content at no additional cost to print subscribers. Under this
> model, online content is available only to print subscribers. The
> publisher gets an inquiry about subscribing to the online content only
> (i.e., the inquirer doesn't want the print).
> Assuming the publisher is considering unbundling print and online content:
> 1. What issues need to be considered when separating print and online, from
> a subscription/revenue standpoint?
> 2. Does anyone have a good pricing model, or suggestion for same?
> Thanks!
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