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News regarding Cambridge University Press Journals

With apologies for cross-posting:

We would like to alert you to some changes regarding journals published by
Cambridge University Press and the online editions available at Cambridge
Journals Online (journals.cambridge.org).

New Fulfillment System:

In order to better service our subscribers in the US, Canada, and Mexico,
we have recently installed a new journals fulfillment system in the North
American Branch which is oriented more toward the subscriber as opposed to
the subscription. As part of the conversion to the new system, each North
American subscriber has been assigned a new subscriber identification
number (please note that your institution may have more than one
subscriber number, e.g., if some journals are ordered separately for a
specialized library on campus).

This number will appear on the mailing labels of issues sent to you most
recently.  We are also sending letters to all of our institutional
subscribers in the USA, Canada, and Mexico to advise them of their new
subscriber identification number(s).  If you have not received the
notification letter with your new subscriber number by October 13, 2000,
please contact our customer service group via e-mail (subscriptions_

This number will assist us in identifying your account if you need to
contact us about your subscription.  It is also needed for designating an
Account Administrator for your institution and for activating full-text
online access (see below).

New release of Cambridge Journals Online & Account Administrators:

In October, Cambridge University Press will launch the latest release of
Cambridge Journals Online (CJO). If you have already activated your
institution�s access to CJO, your information will be automatically
transferred to the new system and you will not need to reactivate your
access.  However, if you have not yet activated your online access, you
will need to use the new subscriber number to do so.

With the new release of CJO, your institution will need to designate an 
Account Administrator for the subscriber account(s) you have.  This 
Account Administrator will administer your online access to Cambridge 
journals, be responsible for full-text access activation, manage the 
system's recognition of your institution's users by IP range(s), domain 
name(s), or a combination of both, and customize your CJO screen with your 
institution's name. An Account Administrator will need to be chosen even
if you have already activated full-text online access.

Information about registering the Account Administrator(s) and their role 
is included with the new subscriber account number letter noted above.  It 
is also available online at <http://us.cambridge.org/journal/accountadmin.
html> pending the formal launch of the new release of CJO. This information
 will also be integrated into the new Help and FAQ system fro CJO.

Ed Barnas
Journals Manager, North American Branch
Cambridge University Press