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Re: AIP Journals - Version of Record

Anthony Watkinson writes:

> For the present however I want to ask AIP and other physics publishers
> who have arrangements like EPAPS exactly what the status of the
> material deposited in this service is. Do AIP regard it the EPAPS
> material as a separate publication? Will they give the material a
> DOI and, if so, how will the metadata describe it?  This is not
> just a question of the definition of a publication but also (for
> librarians and end-users) how you retrieve and what you call it?
> At least that is my picture.

AIP does not regard EPAPS deposits as separate publications.  Instead, we
place a link in the article to the related EPAPS deposit(s).  It is also
possible for readers to access EPAPS directly, via the URL I supplied
yesterday ( http://www.aip.org/pubservs/epaps.html ), but we have never
thought to register these for dois.

By the way, AIP is engaged this very week in registering our entire online
collection, now spanning 1991 - 2000, with CrossRef.  We are also
registering the collections of 12 other OJPS publishers.  (The other two
OJPS publishers are doing their own deposits.)  When complete some time
next week, this process will add almost 200,000 articles to the CrossRef
Metadata Database.

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