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There is a correction to my posting:

The APS points out that:

> Please allow me to respond to several questions raised by our 
> announcement of the availability of extended online backfiles for AIP 
> journals.

> Subscribers to the AIP All, Archival, and Combination packages do not 
> need to do anything to ensure the continued access to the 1991-96 
> backfiles after the conclusion of the free trial period.  AIP will  
> automatically include backfile access as part of these combination  
> subscriptions.

> Those institutions not subscribing to AIP journals via a combination 
> package must select the extended backfile option as part of their  
> renewal.  Please inform your subscription agent to renew your AIP 
> journal subscriptions "with additional 1991-96 online archives" for 
> continued access after the conclusion of the free trial period. The 
> $50 or $75 fee applies to each journal for which the backfile 
> option is selected.  In future years, some incremental fee will 
> likely be charged for continued backfile access, although AIP has 
> ot determined its pricing policy beyond 2001.  

> Additional questions on this issue may be sent to me directly at 
> corr@aip.org.

> Best regards,

> Christine Orr
> Marketing Manager
> American Institute of Physics
> 2 Huntington Quadrangle, Suite 1NO1
> Melville NY 11747 USA
> T: +1 516.576.2484
> F: +1 516.576.2374
> E: corr@aip.org
> URL: www.aip.org

Apparently, then, our institution will be free of this paperwork and only
those getting individual titles will have the confusion that is entailed.

This makes it even stranger that the AIP should go to this much work for
such a small revenue.

David Goodman
Princeton University