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Update on Cambridge Journals Online

Apologies for cross-posting


*Providing access control by IP and/or domain recognition
*Account administrator required for each institution

Cambridge University Press is pleased to announce that it will relaunch 
Cambridge Journals Online (CJO) soon, with a brand new interface and 
improved functionality.  The new site will include recognition by IP 
address and/or domain name for users at institutions, along with several 
other new features. 

One such feature will be the assignment of one account administrator for 
each institution.  The institution will be responsible for designating 
this administrative user who will be able to manage directly the 
institution�s online subscriptions, including determining whether the 
institution�s users are recognized by IP address(es) or domain name(s) 
or a combination of both, and adding or changing IP address ranges as 

No action is required at present and letters will be sent to subscribers 
soon with further details.  Information will also be available on the 
current CJO site at http://journals.cambridge.org in the near future.

We would, for the time being, ask that you refrain from contacting our 
Customer Services department with questions about the new system.  Our 
representatives are currently very busy both with their usual duties and 
with training on the new system.  A further announcement will be posted 
shortly, including contact details.

Annette Martin
Marketing Controller - Journals
Cambridge University Press

Susan Soule
Journals Marketing Manager
Cambridge University Press - North American Branch