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RE: License agreements for Microsoft product software

The license for US published Microsoft books is the same.  It does not allow
lending.  We have to contact them on each book.  Delay can be tremendously
long.  Usually, we're successful in negotiating a change to the license.

JoAnne Deeken
Indiana University Libraries

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Subject: License agreements for Microsoft product software


I saw this posting on ACQNET (library acquisitions listserv) and wanted to
know if anyone has encountered this problem in the licensing agreement?  I'm
not sure if the Microsoft licensing agreement in Australia is the same or
similar to ours in the US.  Thank you, Liz Lorbeer, Library of Rush
University, Chicago IL.

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Subject:	License agreements for Microsoft product software

I was wondering if anyone can help us with a problem we are having regarding
software that accompanies books published by Microsoft.  The license
agreement states that the software cannot be lent.  Our electronic services
librarian has been in contact with Microsoft regarding this problem and
although she has been given permission for two particular items to be lent -
it has fallen on deaf ears when trying to obtain permission for further
titles and trying to find a more permanent solution to the problem.
She has found success with some other publishers who are now wording their
license agreements to allow libraries to lend the software which accompanies
the books.

It is causing such a headache for her that she is contemplating requesting
the academics to not order Microsoft books as it is a waste of money to
purchase books which are useless without the accompanying software which
cannot be loaned.  She suggests that academics should look to ordering
similar titles from other publishers who are library friendly.  Is anyone
else having this problem or can you offer any suggestions?  Does anyone have
the contact details for the person at Microsoft who can best help us find a
solution to this problem?

Please reply to me directly at: sharon_gower@bond.edu.au
With thanks
Sharon Gower

Sharon Gower
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