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Re: Are banner ads acceptable on licesnsed databases?

I think I'd want to know exactly how intrusive those ads 
would be.  If they didn't actually reduce the usefulness of 
the database, I'd be inclined to accept them on the 
condition that doing so would result in a lower price. 
Without the promise of a lower price, I don't see the 
purpose in offering free advertising space.  I think the 
bottom line consideration should be whether you're going to 
be able to give the patron more (in terms of content, etc.) 
than you're asking her to give up (in terms of utility, 
annoyance, etc.).

Rick Anderson
UNC Greensboro

On Fri, 11 Aug 2000 09:08:29 EDT GenAnnual@aol.com wrote:

> Colleagues,
> I need your opinion. An online database vendor has asked me 
> if librarians would accept or object to their placing 
> banner ads, visible to library patrons, on licensed 
> databases hosted by their company?
> What would be your reaction? Not care; accepting; would 
> cancel the subscription or?  I take it that they feel they 
> could charge lower fees if they had the additional revenue 
> from the ads.
> What's your feeling?

Rick Anderson
Head Acquisitions Librarian
Jackson Library
UNC Greensboro
(336) 334-5281

"Because somebody is wrong 
about something does not mean 
that nobody can be right about 
          -- Terry Teachout