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Re: License agreements for Microsoft product software

In my earlier response, I failed to mention that Microsoft does have a
number of pages on permissions @ <http://www.microsoft.com/permission/>
They also have a special web form for requesting permissions @


A microsoft message notes that it usually takes 15 to 21 business days for
a response although my experience was a week to 10 days.

         kent mulliner, ohio university libraries


At 08:58 AM 8/11/00 -0400, you wrote:
>I saw this posting on ACQNET (library acquisitions listserv) and wanted to
>know if anyone has encountered this problem in the licensing agreement?  I'm
>not sure if the Microsoft licensing agreement in Australia is the same or
>similar to ours in the US.  Thank you, Liz Lorbeer, Library of Rush
>University, Chicago IL.

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