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A Forum on the Future

(If you have any questions, please email Greg at the address below)

 The University of Illinois Libraries is hosting a fascinating and
 informative meeting this October titled:
 The Impact of Electronic Publishing on Scholarly Communication:
 A Forum on the Future
 October 26-27, 2000
 Clarion Hotel & Convention Center, Champaign, IL.
 Please see this link for details:
 Attendance is limited, so register soon.  Please feeto distribte this
message and/or print out the web page for posting at your institutions.
 Email or call if you have any questions.
 Greg Youngen
 Physics/Astronomy & (Acting) Geology Librarian   Phone:(217)244-2096
 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign       Fax: (217)333-3207
 Urbana, IL 61801                                 youngen@uiuc.edu