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Licensing, Copyright, Technology and Education

>From Jerremie Clyde:
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 21:33:59 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jerremie Clyde <jerremiec@yahoo.ca>
Subject: Licensing, Copyright, Technology and Education
To: liblicense-l@pantheon.yale.edu

Please excuse any cross postings

There is a new editorial dealing with licensing agreements, and more
importantly their relationship with copyright laws, technology and
education, and how these elements must be examined as a whole in order to
provided libraries, archives and museums with effective access to digital
content.  The editorial is from Volume 4, Issue 2, of The Copyright & New
Media Law Newsletter: For Libraries, Archives & Museums.

The editorial is available at:

The newsletter is produced by Handshake Productions, edited by Lesley
Ellen Harris, and is meant to keep librarians, archives and museums
abreast of important copyright and licensing issues and news, and it
provides practical solutions to everyday activities.

Volume 4, Issue 2, of the newsletter is a special issue dealing with
license agreements including: 
Editorial (as described above) 
Essential Terms in a License 
Licensing in Europe Are Model Licenses the Answer?
Digital (of Faxon�s license depot)

Jerremie Clyde
MLIS Student

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