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Fwd: License agreement for EU databases

This query is directed to colleagues at libraries that are depositories
for European Union documents and, as such, can have free access to the
Celex and Eudor databases. Because the access contract includes two
articles that specify that Luxembourg law and courts shall apply in any
disputes or aspects not covered by the contract, our University as a state
agency cannot sign without modifying these articles by adding a standard
clause to the effect that

Subscribers will not be bound by this paragraph to the extent that
compliance would violate any existing law, regulation, bylaws or articles
of incorporation or other governing instrument.

The person I dealt with at EU said this addition was not possible. Has
anyone had success in getting these articles about jurisdiction modified?  
If so, with whom did they deal at EU?

I will greatly appreciate any wisdom you can share about this.

Michael Young
Head of Acquisitions
University at Albany Libraries, UL B 34
1400 Washington Avenue
Albany NY 12222

FAX: 518/442-3630