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Re: Some background information on agreement UKB & Elsevier Scienc=

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Reducing our dependence on the few unreasonably priced publishers who have
caused such problems in print and are likely to cause the same problems
online seems to me the sensible course.  Nothing strengthens your
long-term negotiating position like the publisher knowing they are not
indispensable and you're willing to do without.  And we are finding our
faculty will support us in this - we've had three enquiries from editors
in the past couple months about leaving problem publishers and taking
their journals elsewhere.

The five large schools in Utah and Nevada are coordinating journal
cancellations this year and looking at cutting overlap in holdings of
titles from Elsevier, Academic, Wiley and M.C.B.

We are holding out on signing anything that encourages our faculty to get
hooked on this stuff or limits our ability to cancel high-priced titles.

At Marriott we are sending Elsevier 23% of our serials budget for 5.5% of
our titles.  Those of us reared on Consumer Reports just can=92t stand this=

Margaret Landesman


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Academic libraries in Australia are also engaging in this argument
re the large STM publishers and I am very pleased to see that=20
David Goodman is on my side !

Christine Maher
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I can understand how in the Netherlands Elsevier is seen as an institution
deserving continuing national support. I am not sure that other countries
could think it justifiable to commit themselves on a national basis to
guaranteeing the existence of any particular commercial publisher.  This
does not mean that I think it necessarily irrational for an individual
institution to subscribe to Elsevier titles, some of which are excellent.

David Goodman
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Co-Chair, Electronic Journals Task Force
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