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Re: A question of licences and Alumni members

One of the key messages I've gotten from vendors is that alumni become
employees of organizations that those vendors market to and they don't
want an alumnus with remote access privileges becoming the conduit for
'free' access for the whole organization.

  Michele Newberry
  Florida Center for Library Automation


John Cox wrote:

> One of the ways of including alumni is simply to treat them as walk-in
> users.  If alumni have continuing access to the library, they can be treated
> thus, but can only access online content from terminals in the library.
> Most rights holders would object to alumni rights extending to remote
> access.  After all, there is 25-33% of the total student population
> graduating every year.  And such a large and dispersed population is almost
> impossible to identify and authenticate.
> Besides this, why is it necessary or desirable to grant alumni continuing,
> or perpetual access?  There is a balance to be struck between the rights
> needed to ensure the institution can do its job in a proper and professional
> way, and the needs of rightsholders to manage their content in such a way
> that their businesses survive.
> John Cox
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> m.borchert@qut.edu.au 07/13/00 07:51PM >>>
> Dear Liblicencers,
> My name is Martin Borchert. I am the Electronic Information Services
> Librarian at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia.
> Discussions with delegates at the IATUL Conference here at QUT last week
> indicated that some (at least) academic libraries in the US are routinely
> negotiating with suppliers of electronic products, that their Alumni
> members have perpetual access rights to those recources.
> This sounds like a great service to be able to offer Alumni members.
> My question to you is... Is it common or rarely that academic libraries
> routinely include Alumni within licence agreements, and are libraries
> generally successful in this?
> We currently do not include Alumni in our negotiations, but it sounds very
> worthwhile.
> Any advice, examples (within confidentiality requirements of course) or
> feelings you have on this would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you and best regards,
> Martin
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