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E-Books & Bytes: The Ever Expanding Library. Chicago July 8th

ALA Annual Conference
History Section Meetings (RUSA)

Saturday, July 8th
E-Books & Bytes: The Ever Expanding Library.
Sponsored by the Genealogy & Local History Discussion Group and the Genealogy 

A discussion of the growing role that eBooks and eContent are taking in
libraries. With over 3,000 local history and genealogy books now online
and the launch of the complete US census, 1790-1920, digital resources are
making even the smallest libraries genealogical powerhouses.

Moderator: Tom Kemp, Chair of the ALA Genealogy Committee & Genealogy &
Local History Discussion Group.

Susan Stekel, Library and Archives Specialist; Manager, Brookhaven Press, 
Northern Micrographics, <http://www.brookhavenpress.com/> who will discuss 
their CD-ROM & print reprints of local histories from 12 states, created in 
cooperation with the Wisconsin Historical Society. 

Brad Steuart, Heritage Quest, <http://www.heritagequest.com>, will discuss 
their launch of the online US Federal Census Schedules...all 12,555 rolls of 
microfilm. This incredible online resource will make even the smallest 
library a branch of the National Archives.

Rod Brewer, Digital Publishing Group, <http://www.pdflibrary.com>, will 
discuss DSI's growing list of 80 eBooks available on CD-ROM & hardcopy, 
focused on Abraham Lincoln, Civil War, Indians, Lewis & Clark and early 
American history etc. 

Saturday, July 8, 9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Hyatt, Grand Ballroom E.