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Re: We have met the enemy...

I also encountered an onerous section of the agreement for the Serials
Librarian, which stated in effect that the terms could not be changed and
if the author didn't like them, s/he should take their article elsewhere.
Since I was asked to write an article for a special section, I did sign it
but included a letter of protest and said that I would not submit an
article to them again as long as their terms were non-negotiable.

>From their form:

7. NO AMENDMENTS: No amendments or modifications of the terms of this
Agreement are permissible unless same shall be in writing and signed by a
duly authorized officer of The Haworth Press, Inc. No Journal Editor,
Guest Editor or Special Issue Editor is authorized to waive, amend or
modify any of the procedures or other provisions of this Agreement. This
form is not valid if the Author(s) add any additional constraints and/or
amendments. Please submit the article elsewhere for publication if the
Author(s) do not sign this agreement without alteration.

Their form can be found at:


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> Speaking of the enemy...
> I just finished a column for C&RL News, a publication of the ACRL, a
> division of the ALA.. The author agreement is one of the most restrictive
> I have run into, forbidding the posting or distribution of this work
> anywhere. Apparently I can't even post it on my Web site. Fortunately the
> column is available on line from their Web site -- maybe because I
> complained so bitterly that their restrictive copyright transfer agreement
> seemed to be more in line with what I would expect a commercial publisher
> to propose -- and very much at odds with the general tenor of the feeling
> among the library community. As a counter example, my organization, the
> American Astronomical Society, asks for transfer of copyright -- to ensure
> we can "republish" the articles in new formats to keep them available by
> the latest technology -- but we specifically allow the author to post or
> redistribute their own articles.
> Still, it seems out of character for a library association to have such
> restrictive copyright agreements as the ALA does. I am glad to say that
> the editor of the journal says the ALA will be reviewing their copyright
> agreements in the near future. The point is that we all may fall prey to
> actions which are motivated by greed, but which are inappropriate in the
> electronic era.
> If anyone is interested in my thoughts about preprint servers, my column
> is available at http://www.ala.org/acrl/scholcomm.html.
> Cheers,
> --Peter--
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