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Re: Dow Jones Interactive Enterprise Master Agreement

Oops Steve, I was looking at last years contract! We do have that same clause. I've just spoken to Yvonne at Factiva and she has suggested putting my concerns in an email and they will pass it through their legal and then write us a letter confirming that we can disregard clauses 6c and 6d. Thanks for pointing this out to me. Now I'll point it out to our contract/licence people! Cheers, Caroline Regan Co-ordinator, Networked Information Resources University of Sydney Library NSW 2006 Australia Tel. 612 9351 3416 Fax. 612 9351 7290 __________________________________ At 01:05 AM 5/6/00 -0400, you wrote: The Australian Factiva office has offered us the DJI 'Enterprise Agreement' as the license agreement for access to Dow Jones Interactive. They say they do not have an academic equivalent for us to use. This poses a couple of problems for us, and I am wondering if any American customers have been offered the same agreement, and have had anybetter luck than us in persuading Factiva to amend the license. Right now, we seem to have reached the end of the line with them, even though we have been back and forwards to Factiva in the US and UK. [snip] I would be interested to know if this is the same agreement that N American customers are asked to sign [esp new customers] and if so, whether you have had any more luck than we in getting Factiva to amend their terms. Many thanks in anticipation Steve Cramond Acting Research Services Librarian University of Adelaide Library