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Re: Converting book into digital format?

Is Indonesia a signatory to the World Intellectual Property Organization
Treaties?  (Or any of the earlier international copyright treaties?  If
so, then the Indonesian government should provide some form of licensing
agency (recognized by, or a member of WIPO).  You could try contacting
said agency to negotiate a license for the electronic copy.

Failing that, you could try contacting WIPO direct to see if they can be
of help.  Their URL is:  http://www.wipo.org/eng/ Good-luck on your
endeavor.  I am afraid that there will be great reluctance to permit
copying of the entire book.  Do let us know if you are successful.

Don Wassink
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology


On Wed,  3 May 2000 18:28:08 EDT sliawati@binus.ac.id (S. Liawatimena)

>Would you mind to tell me how to deal with copyright when we want to scan
>a whole book into digital format? I have tried to send emails to
>publishers, but no response.
>The digital book version will be limited just for viewing (cannot be
>printed) and will be used for internal students from the university only.
>Thank you very much in advance for your kind attention and help.
>Best Regards,
>Bina Nusantara University
>Jakarta, Indonesia.