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EBSCO Publishing & netLibrary

>From Scott Bernier at EBSCO:

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Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000 09:02:05 -0400 
From: Scott Bernier <SBernier@epnet.com>
To: "'Ann.Okerson@yale.edu'" <Ann.Okerson@yale.edu>
Subject: EBSCO Publishing & netLibrary

In response to your e-mail (below), I thought information regarding
EBSCO's recent partnership with netLibrary might be of interest to you.  
I've pasted our press release below.


Scott Bernier
Public Relations Manager
EBSCO Publishing
Phone: (800) 653-2726 ext. 278
Fax: (978) 356-6565
E-mail: sbernier@epnet.com


EBSCO Publishing Teams with netLibrary(tm) to Offer eBooks

IPSWICH, Mass. - March 29, 2000 - The goal of combining high quality
information resources of differing formats into a one-stop reference
service, was the thrust behind EBSCO Publishing's recent partnering with
netLibrary(tm). Along with thousands of periodicals, e-journals, maps,
encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc. already available via EBSCOhost, this
arrangement with netLibrary will help connect libraries to the next phase
of electronic information - eBooks.

netLibrary offers over 16,000 eBooks in a variety of subject areas
designed for all library types. netLibrary's eBook collection is growing
at the rate of approximately 2,000 titles per month. EBSCO will
concentrate distribution of these eBooks in Public, Junior and Community
College Libraries in the United States and identified foreign countries.
"eBooks are a perfect complement to our search service," said Tim Collins,
vice president and general manager of EBSCO Publishing. "With this
alliance, our plan is to further the idea of information integration by
offering library researchers the ability to link directly from searches in
EBSCOhost to appropriate eBooks." Collins added, "The idea of a powerful
search service providing seamless access to all forms of quality
electronic information is coming to light."

netLibrary's group of specialists are developing several collections of
eBooks designed for specific library types. In addition, libraries have
the ability to customize their own collections to meet specific needs.

For additional information regarding netLibrary, visit:
For further details regarding EBSCO Publishing, visit: http://www.epnet.com

About netLibrary
Founded in August 1998, Boulder, Colo.-based netLibrary (www.netLibrary.com)
has forged relationships with more than 160 publishers of trade, reference,
academic, and scholarly books, allowing it to offer a digital library
currently consisting of nearly 16,000 titles and growing. Publishers with
eBooks in the netLibrary collection include AMACOM Books, Harvard Business
School Press, Houghton Mifflin Company, McGraw-Hill, and O'Reilly &
Associates. peanutpress.com, a division of netLibrary, offers eBooks from
publishers such as Random House, Scribner, St. Martin's Press, and Warner
Books, for download to popular handheld computing devices through its
website, www.peanutpress.com.

As part of the EBSCO Information Services group, EBSCO Publishing upholds
relationships with nearly 1,200 publishers, and maintains a library in
excess of 5,000 information sources. EBSCO Information Services provides
fully integrated serials access and delivery solutions worldwide through
subscription management, reference database development and production, and
online multi-database access. The EBSCO Information Services group consists
of EBSCO Subscription Services and EBSCO Publishing.


Clearly, e-books are about to be powerfully among us.  Reports of new
ventures and startups, ones that will be licensed to libraries, are
welcomed on this list. 


Ann Okerson
Yale University Library