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RE: Online services to contiguous research parts

I work at the health sciences library at ECU and routinely have to
negotiate for user groups non-affiliated with the university.  In response
to your question I have one of my own.  Are you concerned with how to
provide access (or authentication) to non-university clients or simply how
to manage the cost of adding what a vendor will see as a commercial
interest?  I have to both problems here and we pursue a couple of
different avenues for these issues.

Bart Ragon
Webmaster/Electronic Resource Librarian
W. E. Laupus Health Science Library
East Carolina University

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                                Flash Gordon

> The folowing message is forwarded from Paula Watson at the University of
> Illinois.
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> Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 17:37:03 -0600
> To: listproc@lists.yale.edu
> From: Paula Watson <pdwatson@uiuc.edu>
> Subject: Online services to contiguous research parks
> Dear all:
> The University of Illinois is actively pursuing construction of two
> research parks, one near its south campus and one near its north campus.
> The subject of provision of library services to the companies that may be
> located in them has been raised.  Obviously, the service of most interest
> would be access to the databases to which the library subscribes (and in
> some form so that the Library could pass on any additional costs to the
> companies involved).   I can think of many reasons why this might be
> exceedingly difficult to negotiate and am wondering if anyone out there
> has
> encountered this situation and worked out some kind of a solution.  Thanks
> for any advice.
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